Kit Kat Announces New Flavor For The First Time In Nearly A Decade

Kit Kat Normally Only Had 4 Flavors....Until Now

April 28, 2019

I honestly had no idea that Kit Kat hadn't announced a new flavor in over a decade, but turns out that they have only had FOUR flavors this whole time!  Can you guess what they are before I tell you??  

So currently Kit Kat only has milk, dark or white chocolate, and apparently a red velvet flavor around Valentine's Day(which honestly I've never seen--but I'm not the biggest vday fan, let's be real lol!).  But moving on...not the point....

WELL, for the first time in nearly a decade Kit Kat has a new flavor and THAT FLAVOR IS......


The new Kit Kat won't be in stores until December, but now you know! 

So, did that get you excited?  Do you love to mix mint and chocolate?  Clearly, I haven't been eating too many Kit Kats lately, but I figured that you might want to hear the news if you still love to indulge!  And who doesn't??  LOL! 

Ok, to see the new bar, just CLICK HERE!  

I hope you have a great night!