I've Officially Lost 100 Pounds!

I Still Can't Believe I Have Achieved This In 6 Months!

January 3, 2019

WELL....It's official!  I have lost 100 pounds!  104 to be exact!  

Everyone keeps asking what I'm doing, what I eat and how I have managed to do it so quickly!  Well, let me just fill you in!  

I started going to Medical Weightloss and Wellness in Oak Creek(they have a Racine location too) on July 9, 2018 and I'll admit...even though I was finally in the right mindset.....it took me a few months to get going, but once I truly understood the program....everything else fell into place!  I've been doing the Keto lifestyle with their guidance and support. All the women at Medical Weightloss and Wellness are nurses and have been super helpful!  They check my vitals and have even taken my bloodwork.  You can check out their program, costs and more on their website HERE!   And I couldn't be more grateful for all the women there who have helped me!  Just see us below! 

Every week I pick up food from Chef Kayla Marie, who is a local chef that makes yummy Keto food and is also affiliated with the clinic.  Between my weekly check-in's and my food from Chef Kayla Marie, the support has been great!  If you wanna check out Chef Kayla Marie, here's her website!

I am almost to my goal and then let's be real....the REALLY HARD part starts with the maintenance.  I have to admit....I have lost weight over the years...up and down....up and down...but for some reason, this time feels different.  I haven't obsessed over it or what I'm eating.  In fact, I barely talk about it and sometimes FORGET that I've lost so much weight!  LOL!  I have simply followed the plan and then not given it a second thought!  

I promise to keep you updated, but before I go, I'm going to post the MOST ASKED QUESTIONS I get and the answers.  

1. How much does it cost? ANSWER: It's all on the Medical Weightloss and Wellness website HERE!

2. How much do you spend on Chef Kayla's food each week? ANSWER: You can see, order and check out all of her food here!  

3. How long have you been doing the program? ANSWER: Since July 9.  

4. What do you like to snack on? ANSWER: I eat a lot of salami and cheese chips!  LOL!  And veggies of course! BUT, I do shy away from fruit.  I think it slows down weightloss, but that is nothing more than a personal opinion!  

5. Is it all gross healthy food? ANSWER: NO WAY!  I eat ALL kinds of foods!  I love to order meatballs, shrimp scampi, chicken fried rice, strawberry pancakes and peanut butter cupcakes every week from Chef Kayla!  I also enjoy her pizza(YES, she makes Keto friendly pizza)!!  And all her desserts too!  

6. How much more do you want to lose? ANSWER: I'm about 30 pounds from my goal, but I'll make the decision depending on how I feel and I think I'll know when I'm at the most comfortable weight for myself.  

7. Do you exercise? Answer: NOPE!  Never.  True story.  All food changes. 


That's all for now, but thanks for reading!  

Until next time...

xoxo, Alley