I'm Down 67 Pounds!

Down 67 pounds in 4 months

November 2, 2018

Well, in case you have missed me talking about it on the air or maybe you missed it on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat....but I have lost 67 pounds since July!

Yup, I'm happy to say that it has been pretty easy thanks the to the ladies at Medical Weightloss and Wellness in Oak Creek and Racine!  I started going there on July 9th, once I was FINALLY in the right mindset to lose some weight!  

I have always struggled with my weight, like many others and the struggle is real!  

I've learned so much working with Medical Weightloss and Wellness and have been doing the Keto diet, which seems to really work for me and it doesn't feel like a diet at all!  It truly feels like a lifestyle change!  

I also get lots of help from Chef Kayla Marie, who is an amazing local chef that makes keto friendly dishes!  You can check her out right here!

And finally if you wanna join me on my weight loss journey, you can check out Medical Weightloss and Wellness right here!  

I'll post another update soon!!