Lori Loughlin Dropped By Hallmark Channel AND Fuller House

Actress Loses Her Gig After College Bribing Scandal

March 15, 2019



Women all over America lost their minds when this news broke........

Lori Loughlin has officially been dropped by The Hallmark Channel AND Fuller House after her recent indictment and arrest for her involvement in the recent college bribery scandal.

If you missed the original news or were just too busy to understand exactly what happened let me explain in a simple way.  

1. Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and over 40 other non famous individuals payed a random dude(William Singer) to get their children into a top school.  Lori Loughlin allegedly payed to get her daughter into UCLA.  Her daughter, Olivia Jade, has since been dropped from Sephora, who she was a spokesperson for.  


2. William Singer takes thousands of dollars from the parents(Lori Loughlin) and lies to the universities and SOMEHOW gets these kids admitted under sports scholarships among other things(kids that weren't even athletes were getting them!)!  He also would help alter test scores and give kids extra time on the tests.  Oh and did I mention that they were funneling this money through a FAKE non profit so they could call it tax deductible?  CRAZY! 

3. HOW THEY GOT BUSTED: Some other random dude we don't know gets busted for crimes that have nothing to do with it, and to save himself, decided to out all of these people who are secretly involved in this college bribery scam.  In other words, this just fell into the feds lap without them looking for it!  OUCH! 

4. During this whole scandal I discover that Lori Loughlin is married to Mossimo.  Yes, Mossimo from Target!!  Mind blown.  Ok, back to what I was saying.  

5. Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are indicted and arrested for their involvement in the scandal.  Now, we wait and see what will happen to them! 

Hope this news about The Hallmark Channel doesn't ruin your day!  Lol!  

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, Alley