Fall Fun In Wisconsin!

Tis The Season Of Pumpkins, Halloween, Haunted Houses, PSL and More!

October 26, 2018


Tis the season in Wisconsin to have lots of fun at pumpkin patches, school festivites, trick or treating, haunted houses, Halloween costumes, beautful leaves and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!  Pancakes, bread, cupcakes, coffee....I love pumpkin! 

We have done so much stuff already!  We had our makeup done(which was super cool!) and I got the chance to attend TWO trunk or treats in the area!  You can see me, Riggs and my boys at one below!  This amazing Trunk or Treat helped benefit an amazing local charity, Lola's Hope, which helps with support for victims and families of Shaken Baby Syndrome. 


But that's not all we have been up to.....

As you can see above, I was FORCED to go through a haunted house with awesome listeners at the Wisconsin Feargrounds.  Okay, so maybe I wasn't forced, but I am so scared of haunted houses!  It ended up being really fun and I think everyone enjoyed making me uncomfortable....for once!  HA!

I am taking my kids trick or treating this weekend and I hope that you have a wonderful Halloween!!