Do Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy Hate Each Other?

This Drama Could Have Been Brewing For YEARS!

April 5, 2019

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WELL, just get your popcorn and tea ready, honey, and enjoy this nice read about Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers.

The Bleacher Report came out with a fascinating article about ALL the tension behind the scenes and it even includes quotes from MANY former Packers....Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, etc.....

And let met tell you.  I got to interview Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings when they swung by the studio back in 2009 and I NEVER would have guessed there was any tension.  But the article you are about to read surely says otherwise! See pic of them having a good time together below.  LOL.  

Greg Jennings and Aaron Rodgers in the KISSFM Studios in 2009

By the end of the article I wasn't sure what to think!  I mean...even men have this much drama at work??  LOL!  

Anyway...go ahead and read the ENTIRE THING HERE!  And get's pretty JUICY! 

And once you are done with that awesome read, go have a great weekend!!