Crowds Gather as Walkers Point Adds a Little Color to the City

September 22, 2017

ID 53243949 © Michael Ross | Dreamstime


Walker's Point is lighting up the sky! 

A beautiful mosaic watertower now sits atop the 100-year-old Coakley Brothers building in Walker's Point. Crowds gathered to watch the delicate sculpture be hoisted to the top of the building yesterday morning. 

The unique piece of work was created by a Brooklyn based artist Tom Fruin. Peggy Coakley, the CEO of Coakley Brothers, fell in love with a similar piece in Brooklyn and decided that she needed to find the artist responsible. The tower is made out of steel and plexiglass. The colorful pieces shine as natural light passes through and there will be LED lighting to display the piece at night. 

A lighting ceremony for the sculpture is scheduled on the night of September 26th. 

For video and images of the new addition to Walker's Point click here!