I Didn't Even Know This Awesome Gadget Existed

November 30, 2018

So when my parents were in town last weekend for Thanksgiving, my mom saw me cleaning and immediately said to me,  "Allison(yes my parents call me Allison lol), you really need to go get one of those blind cleaner tools!"

Of course, I had no idea what she was talking about....I was slowing cleaning EVERY SINGLE one of my blinds with Lysol wipes...LOL!  

Well, she went out and bought me one and I have to say....this is a game changer!  I opened up the package and I have never cleaned my blinds so fast!  Check out the tool below....

So, there it is!  I used it and was in love with it right away.  Best part is, that when you get done cleaning all the nasty, dusty blinds, you can actually wash the cloth from the tool! See below and you can see how dirty my first one was!  I threw it right into the washer and it was clean and ready to go again! Woot!

I think my mom bought this one at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but you can always get it at lots of other stores!  Just google the bad boy.  Good luck and enjoy having way more time on your hands AND clean blinds!  LOL!

Have a great weekend!