Alley's Bachelor Blog Week 5

Alley gives her thoughts on this week's episode!

February 1, 2017

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Alright so here we are....week 5 and STILL way too many girls!  LOL!  Can we please get rid of some of this dead weight??  I mean, none of us will remember half of these women.  I'm at the point now.....where when someone gets kicked off, I fast forward through their exit interview because I won't remember them or see them ever again!  Am I right??  

Okay, now to the episode....I just can't take much more Corinne.  I know they are clearly keeping her for drama and ratings....but enough already!  Can we get to the point where he actually is going on dates with women he might propose to??  Because I think we all know it ISN'T Corinne.  Luckily, she has succeded in getting herself cast on every single future season of Bachelor Pad, so those of you that enjoy it, will surely get to see more of that nut job.  

As far as his time this week with Danielle M. from Germantown....I was actually disappointed because it seemed like they really had lost their spark.  They seemed like two friends hanging out forcing a kiss at the end. So I actually don't think she wins at all now.  Oh how it changes so quickly!  

Now on to his date with Rachel.  How adorable is she?!  Does anyone else think they are setting her up to be the first African-American Bachelorette??  I mean, she would be fantastic and having an African-American Bachelor or Bachelorette is SO overdue.  I like her and am rooting for her, but I would defintely be happier if she makes it to her own season!  

As far as the next episode, let's all hope he gets rid of Corinne AND Taylor on their two on one.  They both seem a little off and Taylor is WAY too preoccupied with Corinne and her nuttiness.  So I guess until next week....