Alley's Bachelor Blog Week 3

Alley gives her thoughts on this season

January 18, 2017

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Ok, so much to say about this week!  First off, I still don't know half of these ladies names and most of them need to be cut STAT. Like Corinne.  I mean, REALLY?  A whipped cream boob for Nick on your KIND OF second date.....all while the other women in the house watch.  And remain horrified.  I mean, I would be too.  That poor girl is so desperate for attention.  It's really quite sad.  And THEN, when Nick rejects her(because she's crazy and it's a turn off) she freaks out and cries for MORE attention.  Ok girl, let me just say this.  I'm crazy.  And crazy knows crazy.  So i'm on to your game sister.  You try too hard to get his attention, he rejects you...and then you make a scene to deflect from your embarrasment AND to try to get his attention AGAIN.  That being said, I'm glad Nick is being honest about his feelings for her AND the fact that he rejected her out of respect for her AND the other women!  People hate Nick....I don't mind him.  And when he does things like that...I respect him even more. It shows you that he actually grew from his experiences and learned something.  

Ok, on to the BACKSTREET BOYS!!!  Was I the only one completely geeking out over that? Ah....the's like I was back in high school. The nostalgia is real people! lol!

Now on to the date that probably made everyone throw up in their mouth a little.  And you know what I mean.  His date with Vanessa.  Man, do I like her!  And I like that they have a natural chemistry.  I think his tears on their date was a sign that she may be the one OR at least top 4.  You could see a real moment there where he was realizing that he could marry her. I found that interesting, because that basically means he hadn't felt that way with the other girls.  He obviously likes them, but probably doesn't seem them as a long term partner.  

I'm really starting to like Rachel, the Marquette Law School grad.  She seems smart, mature and just like a well rounded girl.  I'm hoping she goes far, because if you actually look at the women's bio's online, she is only one of TWO who are over the age of 30.  He's 36!  What's up with that?? 

Ok, I could go on forever, but lets be real....we aren't going to remember ANY of these women in a couple weeks.  So, I'm looking forward to future episodes with less women.  But I do hope we see more of Danielle M. from Germantown on the next couple episodes!  So.......until next week.....