Looks Like Aaron Might Have Made Up With The Fam

December 10, 2018

© Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Did Aaron Rodgers just pull a fast one on us?  He just may have, because last week during an interview, he nonchalantly dropped that he had been spending time with.....drumroll please....his parents!!  

Yep, Aaron was asked about the firing of Mike McCarthy after last weeks game and here is what Rodgers said: "I mean, I found out, I'm sure, the same way that most of you found out," he told reporters. "I was at home with my folks in town for my birthday. When I found out, I was as shocked as many of you were, I'm sure."

You can actually watch the interview right HERE!

Aaron turned 35 on December 2nd, so I found it interesting he just threw that out there like it wasn't a big deal (NO PUN INTENDED LOL).  If there REALLY was a bad family tiff, glad to see they are working on it and things are getting better.  

Now...I only have one more thing to say: GO PACK GO! 

xoxo, Alley