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Friday edition of the show - Riggs does adult things with childlike attitude, Your side hustles, Alley finally found another dealbreaker for her dating life, and what's the most outdated thing in your house?  Enjoy it all - free of music or commercials.  Have a kickass weekend, friends!  
Brad Pitt’s ex GF throwing shade at Angelina Jolie!?
Riggs is going back to school and had a strange encounter in his ZOOM class…
Wisconsin Dells is getting rid of the Tommy Bartlett show (pretty big deal in Wisco)
Alley had a breakdown crying to her EX HUSBAND - but WHY?  
HUMP DAYYYYY - and we're back at it with the dirt on Cardi B's divorce from Offset, Alley's unexpected horrific detour of a day, McDonalds throws their hat in the ring with Spicy McNuggets, Celebrities choosing to NOT post today on Instagram or FB, Halloween is coming - how will it be different for...
Sup, Tuesday?  Today we discussed the commercial that Carole Baskin's MISSING Ex husband's FAMILY ran last night on DWTS, Riggs has been having a 5 day fight with his wife that finally came to an end today, Marquette is set to Quarantine because of COVID, We discussed the Netflix documentary "The...
Monday and we're back again!  Riggs took last week off, and he had questions for Alley about her friend...that he threw out of an airplane.  DWTS is back and we have their DANCING songs (Carole Baskins is amazing), We talked about the Packers big win to the empty stadium, Your first big purchases,...
We made it!! Friday is upon us, for those of you keeping track at home.  Today we caught up on the life experience Riggs and Alley's friend are going through this weekend, an amazing story of second chances, Dr. Dre's wife wants $2 MILLION a month until their divorce is final, school supplies are...
Throwback Thursday!!  Dwayne "The Rock"  Johnson and his family all tested positive for COVID-19, Alley has a surprise visitor coming to town this weekend, a passionate parent goes viral for his rant at a City Council meeting, what re YOU doing for Labor Day weekend, the best or worst neighbor ever...
Humpday, here we are!  Today we discussed Peter Facinelli's random announcement from his quarantine, Riggs is going back to school and trying to decide if he wants physical books or digital books, the FBI and FAA are investigating why TWO pilots saw a dude with a JETPACK, Tyler Perry joins the...
FIRST OF THE MOONNNNNTH! Welcome to September. Ed Sheeran has his baby and nobody can pronounce the name, what's your gas station order on a road trip, Fiserv & Miller Park being repurposed as early polling places, more drama from the Ellen show, what's your schedule like these days - we take...
Monday and we're back at it - last day in August - what!!??  Alley had an interesting experience trying on bridesmaids dresses, Stealing a school bus for fun, Chadwick Boseman suddenly passes away this weekend, Riggs had to use his backup parachute this weekend - and tells the harrowing story, we...