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Wednesday June 19th - another day, another show, and more Alley dating updates!  Good news about bushes, you can hear the awkward email we got from our intern hungover achiever's Dad (6:22), Hear about the Healthiest Fast Food Restaurant (10:33), Jason Momoa may have a new superhero role (12:37),...
Toy Story 4 review, Alley's kids are just as awkward as she is, Riggs said something regretful to his wife and turned down sex, A new Hunger Games movie, Milwaukee and Racine Police officers killed off duty, and we discuss all things Summerfest 2019 w/ the queen of Summerfest marketing, Sarah.  
Today we discussed our good news about Disney Movies, The Target Meltdown, Rob Kardashian drama with his kids, Riggs has the most awkward Father's Day EVER, and Alley found out that the dating world of Tinder is SUPER small...Get it all on demand and without commercials or music!  Show #684 in its...
In today's show we discuss good news about Riggs & Alley's first partner workout, Cuba Gooding Jr., Chris Brown, and Ariana Grande rule the dirt, Alley is saving Tinder by schooling one guy at a time, DAD JOKE FRIDAY was LIT, and Riggs is pretty much a congressman now...hear it all without...