25 Days of Lolla - Lolla Locker Rules

January 31, 2016

“25 Days of Lolla - Lolla Locker” (“Contest”)

These contest rules are specific to the above contest conducted by Entercom Milwaukee, LLC d/b/a WXSS (“Station”). Except to the extent specifically set forth below with respect to this specific contest, the Station’s general contest rules apply to this contest as well. A copy of these specific contest rules and the Station’s general contest rules are available at the Station’s studio at 11800 W. Grange Avenue, Hales Corners, WI, 53130 during regular business hours and on the contest page on the Station’s website at www.1037kissfm.com. To the extent that the general contest rules differ from these rules, these rules will govern and control with respect to this Contest.

How To Enter:

1.    No purchase necessary to enter or win.

2.    Weekdays (Monday through Friday only), beginning at approximately 6am Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 through approximately 6pm Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 (“Contest Day(s)”), contestants may attempt to be the 25th caller at 414-799-1037 (calls to other Station numbers including the Station’s main telephone number will not be accepted for this Contest) when instructed on air to call the Station for the Contest. The Contest will be played at approximately the ten minutes after the top of each hour each Contest Day starting at approximately 6am (all times CT) through approximately 6pm.  If there is no winner after the 6pm play on any Contest play weekday, the Contest will resume at approximately 6am on the next weekday and will continue every hour through the contest play at approximately 6:10pm until this Contest ends.  This contest will end when: all fourteen (14) Game Prizes (see details below) have been awarded or by March 23rd, 2016 at 6:10pm (see details below), whichever is soonest. WARNING: Online listeners who stream broadcasts may experience a lag in transmissions due to buffering limitations. Contest participants should not rely on streamed broadcasts.

How To Win:

3.    At the time(s) calls are solicited for this Contest, the 25th caller will receive an opportunity to guess the four (4) digit “pin” number that will open the Lolla Locker (the “Pin”) to release the designated Game Prize (see details below). The Pin is a predetermined number consisting of four (4) single digits, each between 0-9 inclusive. The 25th caller must attempt to guess each digit separately, and in order. If the 25th caller guesses the first digit correctly they will receive the opportunity to guess the second digit, then, if correct, the third, then, if correct, the fourth. Callers will have approximately ten (10) seconds to make each digit guess (as determined by Station in its sole discretion). If the caller correctly guesses all three digits 4 of the “Pin” in order, then they will win that particular Game and will receive the Game Prize for that particular Game (see details below), upon confirmation of eligibility and compliance with these Contest rules. 

4.    If the caller does not guess any digit in the “Pin” correctly at any time during his or her Contest play, that Contest play will stop at that point and will resume at the next scheduled time, as described in Section 2 above. Caller will receive the consolation prize (see details below).  The next 25th caller at the next designated time must repeat any digits previously guessed correctly in the correct order before receiving the opportunity to guess the next digit or digits required to complete the “Pin.” The first person to correctly identify all four digits of the “Pin” in order will win that particular Game and the Game Prize (see details below), upon confirmation of eligibility and compliance with these Contest rules.  Once there is a winner of a particular Game Prize, the Contest resumes at the next scheduled schedule time as described in Section 2 above with the designated Game Prize (see details below) until all fourteen (14) Game Prizes (see details below) are won or until 6pm on March 23rd, whichever is soonest (see details below).    

5.    Up to fourteen (14) different Games will be played in this Contest.  If there are remaining Game Prizes at the conclusion of the Contest play at 6pm on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 any remaining Games in this Contest will not be played and any remaining Game Prize(s) may be disposed of at the discretion of the Station.

6.    Previous caller(s) in this Contest who incorrectly guessed any of the digits of the pin number may attempt to become the 25th caller again and play again at subsequent scheduled Contest plays.  Persons are NOT permitted to win more than Game Prize during this contest.  

Prizes/Odds Of Winning:

7.    Up to fourteen (14) Game Prizes will be awarded in this Contest. Each verified winner (if any) will receive:

•    Two (2) 4 Day Lollapalooza wristbands, valued at $670

8. Odds of being selected to play depend on number of callers at the time calls are solicited and the order in which the calls are answered. Once selected to play, odds of correctly guessing each digit are 1 out of 10 and odds of winning the Prize depend upon how many digits have already been correctly identified.  Odds of winning the Grand Prize depend on the number of 25th callers in this Contest.


9.    The sponsor of this contest is: C3 Presents and Entercom Milwaukee, LLC.